About HRI Properties Leading the Urban Revitalization Trend for Over 40 Years

The Woodward Lofts, New Orleans, LA

Since 1982, we’ve been at the forefront of the urban development and revitalization movement. We know that change does not happen on its own. It takes a spark of inspiration, a flash of brilliance to make the leap from what is, to what could be – from what is ordinary, to what is extraordinary. Not everyone can make that leap. Even fewer can make it a reality. But that’s what HRI Properties and its affiliated companies are uniquely equipped to do. Our diversified, national real estate companies engage in the ownership, development, design and management of upscale-branded and independent hotels, iconic apartment communities, and mixed-use, mixed-income properties in urban centers. Our holistic approach, highly trained staff and experienced managers have the vision to turn underutilized properties into shining examples of places people want to live, work, visit and play. We look at every project with fresh eyes because our mission is to create and nurture inspiring places. Places that become the cornerstones of vibrant urban centers, ready to welcome visitors and residents alike. Places that become magnets for people, business and innovation.
We know that change does not happen on its own.

Vertically Integrated

We bring together the resources to tackle great projects, from initially visualizing what a building or site can become through long-term operations. Our vertically integrated team designs, finances, manages the construction and procurement process and works closely with our property management team to create the optimal project with an eye always toward Elevating the Urban Experience for our residential and hotel guests.

We look at every project with fresh eyes because our mission is to create and nurture inspiring places.

Hilton Garden, Inn Dallas, TX


At HRI Hospitality, we offer the unique perspective of hotel and mixed-use property ownership as well as management for multiple third-party owners. From prestigious premium hotel brands and Five Diamond resort spas to independent boutiques and revitalized historic buildings, we’ve done it all along the way, we’ve developed and institutionalized best practices so we can implement strong revenue management capabilities and optimize efficiencies throughout our operations.

HRIH practices a balanced approach to operations, encompassing People, Profit, Quality and Revenues. The combination of our philosophy and practices enable HRIH to continue to grow and enhance our position as an innovative leader in the hospitality industry. For select opportunities, we are able to leverage the resources of our parent company, HRI Properties, for in house development, architecture, construction management and FF& E procurement. Currently Elevating the Urban Experience for guests and managing a diverse portfolio of hotels in key markets across the United States, we are proud to be an approved operator for major full and focused service brands.

LTV Tower Apartments, Dallas, TX

HCI Construction

HCI Construction is the construction management entity including project managers, field superintendents and field foremen. Furthermore, the construction team develops and maintains a project budget and construction schedule in conjunction with the design process to maintain an in-depth knowledge and level of control over the project. HCI manages a project throughout the construction process, and represents the interest of the Owner/Developer during construction and is also registered in Louisiana as a General Contractor.


FF&E Procurement Services provide bidding and purchasing oversight for capital expenditures and major projects. the team negotiates with vendors, liaises with major brands on compliance and coordinates all logistics associated with schedules and deliverables. Procurement services work closely with HCI design on development projects, as well as regional engineering on facility maintenance of current portfolio assets.

New Orleans Born,
Nationally Recognized

Our roots are in New Orleans where we were a pioneer in revitalizing our warehouse district, but today we have projects that span both coasts and major cities in between. Along the way, we’ve won awards for historic preservation, leadership and more.

We are not just a company that develops properties, but rather we create entire neighborhoods that are Elevating the Urban Experience.